000 prescriptions were loaded for Tamiflu in the week ending Oct.

21. At 510,110, the quantity of antiviral prescriptions last week is 88 percent greater than at the best point last season, during the week ending May 1, when it reached 271,169.. 16, the number of antiviral prescriptions dispensed at retail pharmacies was 36 percent greater than the last week. Over 502,000 prescriptions were loaded for Tamiflu in the week ending Oct. 16, up 37 percent from just over 367,000 the week before. 16.Schepens Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, and DeWalt and Marie Ankeny Director and Performing CEO of the Schepens Eyesight Research Institute.

Dark Rice Completes Your Nutritional Rainbow Dark rice is a uncommon meal that, according to Chinese legend, just emperors and their chosen favorites were permitted to eat. The flavor and nutrition value of the food item managed to get regal enough for just royalty. While dark rice today still will not lend itself to regular dinner parties, it is in no way limited to one group. In fact, new research that reveal the antioxidant properties of dark rice might push it straight into the spotlight. What’s Black Rice? By definition, dark rice can be an ‘heirloom selection of rice cultivated in Asia.’ It really is commonly marketed with the husks still in-tact.

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