A conference call Thursday.

Discussions about House Democrats ‘ top priority will be expected to negotiate with the Senate to continue for the rest of of the week. A conference call Thursday, Thursday, and most of the house Democratic Caucus is expected to participate. While both chambers are in recess , the House planned next week, with the Senate reconvening on Jan. 20 is.

However, since Democrats in the Senate do not pass if if a single voice difficult difficult to see all the changes reported significantly from the bill they passed by a narrow 60-39 margin in December, CQ Today Square. Lose.Sinovac received approval from the China State Food and Drug Administration in April 2007, by clinical trial of two ways of H5N1 vaccine, namely Phase Ib and II trials of the H5N1 full viron vaccines and Phase I and Phase II trials of the H5N1 split vaccine surveys. In December 2007, Sinovac reports positive top-line results with the completed Phase II clinical trial of Panflu , to pandemic influenza entire viron inactivated vaccine produced. In April 2008, Panflu a production license with the China State Food and Drug Administration grants. Panflu is a first and only approved vaccine available China against the H5N1 influenza virus.

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