About CLC bioCLC bio of the worlds leading full-service bioinformatics solution provider european pharmacy market.

About CLC bioCLC bio of the world’s leading full-service bioinformatics solution provider, solely focusing on the development of bioinformatics: algorithms software, hardware, data analysis, and custom-designed bioinformatics european pharmacy market .

New algorithm,se White Paper on the world’s fastest Next Generation Sequencing assembly algorithmCLC bio has just an academic white paper which confirms that new in benchmark tests, CLC bio algorithm for assembly of next generation sequencing data is the fastest published available. CLC bio’s algorithm not only much faster, but also better quality of results has compared to other algorithms in the white paper benchmarking. Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, Michael explains: ‘The speed of the new algorithm, CLC bio, the reference assembly of Next Generation Sequencing data raises the bar to a level at present by any competitor If CLC bio is this impressive pace of development. Further, and eventually also for SOLiD color space analysis in the same convincing manner, this could easily become a de facto tool for scientists who become with Next Generation Sequencing analysis. ‘ – instead of 3 to 4 hours of assembly, 5 million reads against a whole human genome, the white paper. Assembly algorithm performed the same calculation in a little more than half an hour, which is at least 5 times faster than the closest competitor.


Over DOR201DOR201 contain BDP, a highly potent, topically effective corticosteroid a local action a local effect for inflamed tissue. Life-threatening complication in the U.S. And world sold has the early 1970s as an pharmaceutical agent in inhalation products to the treat patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma. BDP also the active compound in orBec that is currently 3 3 and phase 2 development through ODR for treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal Graft-versus -host disease connected. DOR201 is time – release formulation BDP particularly make for oral use.

Fast Track is a description that the FDA may reserves of for a medicament to deal a severe or life-threatening condition and one that shows the potential for to address an unmet medical need for the state. Fast track designation to has been developed to facilitate developing and speeds up the testing of new pharmaceuticals. For instance, should be events justify, DOR will be entitled to to submit a New Drug Application for DOR201 a rolling, the FDA allows Share of the NDA even before the receipt of complete submission. Additionally, NDAs for quick lane Development Programmes ordinarily view for Priority Review, the intestine, shortened time which of six months. – There are no FDA approved therapies to avoid of acute radiation enteritis diseases, said Christopher J. Schaber, President and Chief Executive Officer of ENDOR. The FDA’s Promo in granting fast track is an indication for DOR201 the potential in order this grave, unmet medical need with over 100,000 patient annually with risks tackle. Since the program advances to the development, we are happy to the close working with the FDA to potentially accelerate the development and NDA review process, in the next step are the initiation of of the FDA Phase 1/2 trial in the first part of 2009 .

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