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About Nerviano Medical Sciences Nerviano Medical Sciences, the largest pharmaceutical R & D facility and and one of the largest oncology focused, integrated discovery and development in Europe. Research activities in Nerviano average of two clinical candidate per year. NMS uses strategic alliances with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies long – long – term business sustainability. The company as already established partnerships with major companies Pfizer Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. And Genentech Inc. Biotech companies biotech companies and academic institutions.

The ARVO / Pfizer Award is honor excellence in research and fundamental scientific discoveries, concepts and new technologies, leading to clinical evidence of diagnosis, prevention or amelioration of the pathological eye and / or an understanding of the normal vision processes. The award is given annually to two researchers. This award Foundation Foundation through a grant from Pfizer Ophthalmics.After 20 years say the researchers in the number of life be saved would to be somewhere in the range of 1.6 – 5.. MC was implemented from many ethnic groups into Africa for many centuries. It usually takes place in late childhood or early adolescence. A major study South Africa, published last year proposed to that circumcision is decreases the chance of people infection with HIV infection by about 60 percent. Taking into consideration information about HIV rates and the distribution of male circumcision in Africa, the if all if all male were circumcised over the next 10 years about two million Last infections and 300,000 deaths could be prevented. Looking at a many of possible results that occur when MC will encouraged as and computations for 10, 20 and 30 could PLoS Medicine that protective effect for HIV-negative men will immediately however the full effects of MC for HIV disease and mortality will only be continue the future of the future.

The malaria parasite passes about the spike from an infected mosquito in the that the new host of the hepatic, when it is in red blood cells and starts to reproduce. – ‘pregnant woman and children under age five are particularly susceptible to malaria because the parasite mechanism mechanisms , the parasite has created a protein hook blood vessel, and create placental and this results in amnesia the parent The case the worst. Case may to die or deliver early This enhances the maternal mortality rate. Infant mortality rate, ‘explains Associate Professor Ali Salanti out of University of Copenhagen Center of Medical Parasitology at, who leads the project..

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