According to experts at Penn State.

‘Due to this presumed codivergence with human being populations, JCV provides been utilized as a genetic marker for human development and migration widely,’ explained Shackelton, whose results show up this month in the Journal of Virology. The researchers remember that while previous research of genetic variation possess observed some differences between your distribution of JCV and individual populations, the degree of the differences within their evolutionary histories hasn’t been fully examined.This is the principle employed by the retina prostheses produced by both other German research teams. Engineers, computer science specialists, biologists and doctors are pooling their understanding to evolve new approaches for linking electronic devices and nervous systems. Teams of experts in Japan and Switzerland, for instance, are developing systems where the chip is no more implanted in the attention but outdoors it on the dermis that protects the eyeball in the socket. Only the electrodes that stimulate the nerve cells in the retina are inserted in the eye through a small incision.

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