According to the World Health Organization tadalafil från Indien.

According to the World Health Organization , there are about 10 million cancer patients worldwide, of which developed 1 tadalafil från Indien .5 million of blood clots during their cancer treatment and as such, are to die at a much higher risk of heart disease if not treated properly. Because study study, it would be a travesty in the treatment of for the treatment of cancer just after a heart attack soon after, survive, ‘says Durand. They noted, they noted that some of the patients who received aspirin and / or beta-blockers had ‘great ‘clinical outcomes. ‘Because no guidelines exist, physicians to treat their patients with great variability and the disparity was apparent were,’Durand says. Contain Sarkiss, who led the study author, and a team of researchers, investigators from the Baylor College of Medicine and the Duke University Medical Center conducted a retrospective analysis of cancer patients for heart attacks at MD Anderson Cancer Center treated in 2001. Ients were divided into two groups based on their platelet, and collected information on the use of aspirin, bleeding complications, and survival.

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