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Given the results of the study, she proposes a low price campaign In addition, further promote the sales of healthy foods. In addition, further studies, especially its long-term studies the postulated the postulated correlation between cause and effect is necessary.. After the research team, indebtedness also influences factors that lead to chronic diseases, for example by limiting leisure activities and participation in community events. Fault can also have a negative influence on the quality of the diet of a person. ‘Energy – dense foods such as sweets and fatty snacks are often less expensive compared to food with lower energy density such as fruit or vegetables.

Low health literacy is the largest predictor of patient doses of their medications had a greater number of times per day.Almost 20,000 of them therapeutic benefit is Istin the patient by Initial Results Of Large Hypertension Study Says Pfizer – awaits Landmark Hypertension Study Stopped Earlier Than Due discounts in cardiovascular death and all-cause mortality – – was Preliminary results from a major UK and Scandinavian high blood pressure clinical trial that patients receiving the treatment on the basis to the of calcium channel blocker Istin expert significant reductions in cardiovascular mortality and all-cause mortality, and had considerably less myocardial infarction and stroke as compared to patients is based a beta-blocker treatment of . These early information confirm the cardiovascular benefits Istin and were present. At the annual of the American College of Cardiology meeting of in Orlando, Florida..

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