Although of of muscle strength its main benefit.

Although of of muscle strength its main benefit, Sarkees strength training said gives MS patients another advantage that is less obvious but perhaps equally important.

The ability to gain control over a part your disease is very important for people with MS, said Lee, especially because at such a young at such a young age you are just diagnosed starting of her life over her life in her. 20s and 30s. .A study that of the research was the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute , Manel Esteller in the Journal of in the Journal of Pathology, to escape a mechanism, like cancer cells its original location into the lymph nodes declared identified. Research has exposed that metastasized tumor cells to grow in the lymph nodes of the melanoma patients and top and neck cancer losing the activity a protein called cadherin-11.

The study is an example for translational and multidisciplinary research that, including basic research laboratories, which medical oncology services available at Catalan Institute of Oncology and of the pathology of services the Bellvitge University Hospital.

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