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CCHIT added 19 criteria to the 200 needed in 2007. Those changes were focused on the ability to exchange patient information with other systems. A CCHIT Certified 08 Ambulatory EHR ensures: Use of standard formats to switch basic patient details for continuity of care. Enhanced ability to watch X-rays and additional diagnostic images. Better management of individual authorizations and consents. Increased usage of standard formats when getting and storing laboratory results. As a CCHIT Qualified product, PeakPractice has been passed and tested inspection of 100 % of these new criteria. By looking to products with the CCHIT Authorized seal, physicians and additional providers can decrease their risk in selecting an EHR item, allowing them to concentrate their evaluation on the unique needs of their practices..The team tested whether MSC engineered to express an interferon beta gene could provide a sustained and targeted impact directly to cancer cells. For each of both cancer types, the experts tested three groups of mice against one another: one was an untreated control group; another was injected with interferon beta under the skin for 3 weeks daily; and the 3rd received three weekly doses of intravenous MSC engineered to express the interferon beta payload. They discovered that the MSC cellular vehicles grafted themselves in to the tumor stroma and proliferated readily. The cells also shipped its drug over an extended period of time, improving survival of the mice significantly. Specifically, mice whose breast cancer tumor was treated with MSC survived 60 days in comparison to 41 times in the mice injected with interferon beta, and 37 times in untreated mice.

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