And determine the best treatment for the individual.

Patients with serious COPD experience speedy breathing and respiratory distress with simple actions.An example of the individual`s sputum could be collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis.A upper body X-ray or a high-quality computerized tomography scan may be taken. An HRCT scan is often taken since it provides more detail than a chest X-ray. It is extremely useful in detecting emphysema.A pulmonary function test ought to be used because it detects and assesses the severity of lung disease. This test can be helpful in following improvement of lung disease.Sarah Woolnough, head of policy at Cancer Research UK, said: Frequently in this country, cancers is diagnosed afterwards than it should be. This important new research reveals the scale of the challenge for lung cancer specifically, as the difference in survival was more marked in the initial year after diagnosis. Although variations in treatment may play a role, spotting lung malignancy early could make a real difference to survival rates. We’re working with the Department of Health insurance and NHS on the National Consciousness and Early Diagnosis Initiative , which aims to get better results for cancer patients through earlier diagnosis. .

Are Video Games Good for the Mind? Are video games — like strategy and role-playing video games, for example — good for the mind? – Dustin* Studies show that one types of video games may improve hand-eyes coordination, problem-solving abilities, and the mind’s capability to process information.

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