And they could be fatal sometimes.

Another step of progress in the battle against bacterial infections Bacterial infections can strike anyone, and they could be fatal sometimes. Because a growing number of bacteria have become resistant to the pre-eminent remedy; antibiotics; the seek out brand-new remedies against bacterial infections is in high gear read more . Research by researchers from the Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology connected to Ghent University implies that certain mice, naturally, can endure particular bacterial attacks. Elucidation of the biological process that underlies this natural ability presents perspectives for the development of new therapeutics. Most of the time, our body can conquer bacterial infections. Only a restricted number of bacteria could make us sick, but they can be fatal sometimes.


Vietnam has now had a total of 103 human instances of bird flu attacks, including 49 fatalities, in December 2003 since the disease first hit the united states. In order to curb the spread of the virus an incredible number of birds have been culled and based on the Department of Animal Health, both main centres of illness appear to be northern Thai Nguyen and central Quang Binh province. Although H5N1 remains mainly a virus of birds, experts get worried that the virus will mutate into a form conveniently transmitted between humans and trigger a worldwide pandemic which could kill millions. The H5N1 virus has killed 227 people of the 360 known cases now; most of those deaths have been in Indonesia, followed by Vietnam.. Another Vietnamese falls victim to bird flu Vietnamese authorities have verified a man who has died in a Hanoi medical center was contaminated with the bird flu virus.

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