And today that its the law.

Anti-abortion groups use health law in initiatives to restrict insurance plan The Associated Press reviews: ‘Abortion opponents fought passage of President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul to the bitter end, and today that it’s the law, they’re using it to limit coverage by private insurers. An obscure portion of the law allows states to restrict abortion protection by private programs operating in brand-new insurance markets sildenafil . Capitalizing on that language, abortion foes have succeeded in passing bans that, in some cases, go beyond federal government statutes. Since Obama signed the legislation law March 23, Tennessee and Arizona have enacted laws restricting abortion coverage by health programs in new insurance markets, called exchanges.

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Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Plank Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved.. Antibiotic used to treat trachoma reduces child mortality in Ethiopia, study finds The antibiotic used to treat trachoma, the world’s leading preventable cause of blindness, may also protect

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