As the name implies.

As the name implies, the common cold ,, highly contagious. Humans are cold cold viruses, and each year adults may endure two to four infections, while schoolchildren can catch as many as 10 colds. – We know a lot about the common cold virus, says Palmberg:.

Indicate the newly sequenced viruses also says Palmberg, why it is unlikely that we will ever effective, all-purpose cold vaccine: the existing reservoir of viruses worldwide is huge and according to the new study, they have a tendency to outsource genetic sequences when cells from more than one virus, a phenomenon that can lead new virus strains and clinical manifestations are infected.Jianyu Yang, Chairman and CEO Concord Medical, said: ‘We are delighted in the in the BIMC projects the will probably to develop to an premiere of healthcare area. We will build leverage the resource of our international partners, our 15 years of experience in the cancer radiotherapy and our capital market strengths bonus, a concentrated private hospital for cancer treatment and diagnosis. This agreement marks a landmark in Concord Medical initiative Krebs cancer specialty of hospital management group. ‘.

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