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To find out more about the risks of fluoride, visit:.. Bourbon, Indiana ends drinking water fluoridation The most recent community to avoid poisoning its water source with toxic fluoride chemical substances is Bourbon, Indiana. Based on the Pilot News, the city council lately voted unanimously to avoid lacing the water source with the known neurotoxin after conducting very much research about them, and after learning that drinking water fluoridation isn’t mandatory to begin with. ‘I see no cause to keep with it,’ stated council president Les McFarland, who also described how he conducted intensive analysis on both sides of the problem prior to arriving at this bottom line.Vicki Gottlich, a lawyer with the guts for Medicare Advocacy, stated, ‘We have no idea enough to determine if the low premiums in 2007 are best for beneficiaries,’ adding, ‘Programs could be keeping costs low by unduly restricting usage of the medicines they cover.’ Babette Edgar, a consultant at the Gorman Wellness Group and a previous Medicare recognized, said, ‘Some plans made a decision to operate at price, or below price, to obtain a substantial talk about of the marketplace. But programs cannot sustain that technique and still make money’ .

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