Bone marrow: The Asian American Donor Program is launching a new initiative.

Bone marrow: The Asian American Donor Program is launching a new initiative, the Hispanic more bone marrow / stem cell donor, this weekca Media reports will register. In the past 19 years, the program has worked the availability of potential the availability of potential bone marrow / stem cell donors in the Asian community, and has more recently targeted Hispanics. AADP holds roughly 300 bone marrow / stem cell drives annually nationwide (Avila, New America Media.

Ohio State University Ohio Commission African-American Males on Tuesday ended a 15 – city nationwide public consultation that intended on the state of black men Mansfield Mansfield News Journal reports the Commission to identify and promote policies and measures to , economic and educational, economic and educational issues that black men in Ohio, according to Samuel Gresham, Executive Director of the Commission. He said the Commission is particularly concerned with the criminal justice, education, economic empowerment and health. OCAAM will the public hearings the public hearings to offer black men appropriate services (Taylor, Mansfield News Journal.. Men’s Health:.‘The NIH is financing revolutionary to basic scientific research, the aetiology of the Fragile X syndrome with the aim of the translation of resulting findings in the new kinds of therapeutics understand obliged. We believe of Seaside Therapeutics is ‘ novel drug candidates STX107 is representative for the promise of from these efforts. ‘.. Seaside Therapeutics LLC announced that the Company has Phase 1 clinical trial of STX107 , a highly potent and selective mGluR5 antagonist, in the development for the treatment initiated from Fragile X Syndrome. Of single increasing doses study is to evaluate safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics STX107 in healthy volunteers. Fragile X syndrome is the most frequent inherited form of mental retardation and to common known cause of autism.

Carpenter , President and Chief Executive Officer by Seaside Therapeutics added, Initiation of STX107 study on the safety being a significant first step in which developing a potentially disease-modifying treatment of development of the brain diseases like Fragile X syndrome and autism. There are currently no FDA-approved drugs to to improve cognitive functioning for these disorders. We believe that has the normalization of at mGluR5 indication way having STX107 to correct a compelling opportunity or improving to the course of Fragile X Syndrome, which could make a reasonable and lasting improvement in quality of life of of patients and families. .. Randall L.

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