Boy swallowed by 11-foot sandhole seen taking walks with dad Nathan Woessner.

He was pulled out after a frantic rescue work which saw firefighters, recreation area officials, family, and close friends digging for him. Excavation businesses and backhoes were also known as in to assist in the rescue procedure that had taken four hours. When Nathan was pulled from the sandy sinkhole, he was nonresponsive, but fortunately was found in a air pocket which probably saved his life. Six times after his incident, Nathan was improved from a crucial to a significant condition and was continuing to react to commands, stated the University of Chicago medical center.However, the researchers explain that the consequences might vary among individual children. This research clearly shows that environmental PAHs at levels encountered in an urban setting can adversely affect a child’s IQ, stated Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., director of NIEHS. This is actually the first study to report an association between PAH exposure and IQ, and it should serve as a warning bell to people. We need to do more to prevent environmental exposures from harming our kids.

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