But they may not be able to infected cells.

‘patients cellular immunity cellular immunity missing eliminate the required antibodies to viral particles in the blood and tissue fluids, but they may not be able to infected cells, in which the virus hides to remove, ‘said Baker. ‘this is often the case in chronically infected patients, so our vaccine may in this population in this population of immunocompromised individuals. Single dose Robust immunity aside, the mucosal vaccine , a number of logistical obstacles, the traditional use were thwarted as vaccine eliminated worldwide:.

– The nanoemulsion vaccine is safe and easy to produce, which is a mixture of oil, alcohol and two surfactants together with conventional antigens – The nanoemulsion itself serves as the ‘adjuvant ‘to , which, which shows significant antigen-sparing properties – The formulation is very stable, so that 3 represents a long-term storage to 6 weeks or longer with no cooling may.Are looking forward to Presents Positive preclinical data on to MEM sixty-eight thousand six hundred and twenty-six On ICAD 2008.

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