CancerForward: The Foundation for Cancer Survivors launched The real numbers are stark.

‘Cancer survivorship is definitely an isolated, dark place,’ said Beth Sanders Moore, founder of CancerForward. ‘Once treatment stops, many survivors haven’t any methods to access and share information about physical, practical or emotional issues. With the release of CancerForward, we intend to help and support information exchange among and for malignancy survivors. By giving the platform for survivors to connect, become better educated and talk about information, CancerForward is building and nurturing a community that may continually be there for survivors. Available 24/7, the CancerForward site gives those that wish to remain anonymous a secure haven to participate in support groups or in communities of survivors in comparable situations.They were given information about cancer screening also, rather than about drugs, to provide them some known degree of attention within an area unlikely to affect their drug use. They did not receive the information about drug-use reduction from the primary care supplier or the follow-up telephone coaching sessions until the study was completed. After three months, intervention group participants reported that they used their favored drug typically 3.5 fewer days in the previous month compared to control group participants. This was a 33 % decrease in their drug make use of. The study has some limitations. The results are based on participants' self-reporting, therefore the scholarly study may suffer from reporting bias.

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