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Adopted until the mid – 1990s, new nerve cells new nerve cells in the adult brain in the adult brain forget-about-ed-with-tadalis.html . Then it was found possible to be, and that new neurons is affected not only in the normal brain, but also in the brains of disease and injury. Professor Olle Lindvall, Assistant Professor Zaal Kokaia and her colleagues at the University of Lund were the first scientist demonstrate that new nerve cells from the stem cells of an adult brain after stroke could not be created and then migrate to the damaged area.

However, it is unclear how these new nerve cells function. Behave they, as a rule and they are beneficial or harmful to a diseased brain? For the first time Professor Olle Lindvall, Assistant Professor Merab Kokaia, graduate student Katie Jakub and others now able to answer these questions on the basis of experiments on rats. Our study shows that developing nerve cells generated from stem cells an adult epileptic brain in normal nerve cells. Interestingly, they also come with other nerve cells in a way that they attempt to counteract the diseased function, says Olle Lindvall. Continue reading

Aware of trigger Domestic ViolenceThe holidays should a time on family unity and courage to be.

Health Canada Update on the Safety of Lantus Health Canada is the information Canadians of an ongoing safety review of the possible association between the diabetes drug Lantus and an increased risk of developing cancer.

Arnold says their studies will define age – matched and sex-specific cancer and non – cancer population. Each participant is asked to complete a questionnaire about his or her smoking habits. Researchers determine the level of exposure to the elements by taking samples of residents to follow toenails, urine and blood. To determine the source of exposure, they will also collect samples of water and soil from the house. Continue reading

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