Centrify closes Series D round of financing Centrify Corporation.

Today’s IT environment is certainly a lot more heterogeneous, said Mr. Volpi. From a broader range of operating systems and gadgets getting deployed in enterprises to the introduction of cloud-based services, we are seeing the proliferation of a diverse range of services that It requires to support. Centrify provides industry-leading solutions in securing and auditing usage of cross-system systems and applications. We are pleased to join their group to accelerate their growth further. We are excited by the innovation the Centrify solutions bring to enterprises, and by what’s on the horizon for the business. Consumer acquisition and our growth have already been very encouraging for all of us, said Centrify CEO Tom Kemp.Betty McBride, Director of Communications and Advertising at the British Center Foundation, said: These results display our advert provides penetrated the general public consciousness and effectively raised awareness of the hyperlink between smoking and cardiovascular disease.5 million. IT advert depicted fatty deposits getting squeezed out of an artery of a 32-year-outdated smoker, representing the atheroma that may build up inside our arteries whenever we smoke. In addition, it showed several smokers in a pub, brushing fats dripping from their smokes off their clothing. The campaign was made to reinforce the hyperlink between smoking and cardiovascular disease and create an iconic hyperlink between your cigarette tube and a clogged artery.

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