Clinical Investigation is dedicated to systematic insurance of the methodology.

Clinical Investigation is dedicated to systematic insurance of the methodology, improvement and outcomes of scientific trials . As a peer-reviewed, monthly publication Clinical Investigation offers a discussion board for the speedy publication of original analysis and critically testimonials the most recent developments in medical study, from Phase I trials to post-marketing research and pharmacoeconomic research. Clinical Investigation assimilates the wealth of information resulting from the clinical development of new medications into concise yet comprehensive formats. The journal addresses contemporary issues in medical drug methodology and advancement, and also provides a platform for the fast publication of new medication data from human studies.

Liver enzyme elevations were slightly more common in the pirfenidone group than in the placebo group , were low grade generally, rarely resulted in treatment discontinuation and were without clinical sequelae. IPF is usually a progressive and uniformly fatal lung disease affecting 250,000 Americans and Europeans and for which there is no approved medicine in the United States or Europe, said Dan Welch, Chairman, CEO and President of InterMune. The extensive and generally favorable safety data for pirfenidone offered today, combined with evidence of a constant and meaningful treatment aftereffect of pirfenidone seen in three multi-center, randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 3 studies in IPF suggest that if accepted for marketing, pirfenidone could play a meaningful function in the treatment of this devastating disease.

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