CML sufferers treated with dasatinib connected with better treatment adherence.

Thus, the option of second-line treatments is critical for these individuals. Dasatinib and Nilotinib are both accepted for treatment in first-line and second-range treatment for CML, but there’s been little analysis on the comparative outcomes of these treatments in a real-world scientific practice setting. ‘This research helps us better understand how both of these important drugs are in fact being used in the community to treat CML patients.This contract with Astellas enables the accelerated development of items targeting EML4-ALK,’ said Michael J. Comb, Ph.D., CST CEO and President.

Calif. Discloses hospital contamination rates; Kansas City wellness center gets facelift Also, California Watch reports on a continuing investigation into alleged Medicare fraud. Associated Press/San Francisco Chronicle: California Now A Leader In Medical center Disclosures The California Division of Public Wellness has issued an annual record which for the first time allows residents to compare patient contamination rates at hospitals over the state.

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