ConvaTec developed this breakthrough technology.

ConvaTec developed this breakthrough technology, with a colostomy with a colostomy regained control, more confidence and more freedom, said Marcus Schabacker, Chief Scientific Officer, ConvaTec. As the authors conclude, offers Vitala CCD is an important option for colostomy continence, should believe that we as a fundamental right of the patient, and we will continue to demonstrate how this advantage can make a difference in people’s lives.

At the end of the study, around two-thirds of the participants, showering or swimming. On average for more than six years, said that the Vitala device their preferred method of ostomy management was. – ‘These promising results Phase Phase 2 the safety and efficacy this novel approach to colostomy management, in providing temporary continence and alleviating colostomy-related concerns,’added Maxwell. ‘After the initial adjustment and once routinely wearing Vitala CCD, many of our participants actually became aware again of when the bowel would need to move, and they were able to act accordingly, just as people colostomy colostomy. ‘.. The study participants reported high satisfaction with the device and its performance with 87 % guests the opportunity to restoring continence in good or very good at the end of the study.###, News briefs from the journal Chest.

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