Despite the growing threat of emerging and re fusion pathogens are very few laboratories.

A report on Tuesday in Yaounde are the 58th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa discussed that public health laboratories in the region to strengthen urgently high and increasing high and increasing health hazards react Africans. – Despite the growing threat of emerging and re – fusion pathogens are very few laboratories, the capacity for diagnosis of highly contagious diseases such as viral hemorrhagic fevers, severe acute respiratory syndrome, chikungunya and the highly pathogenic influenza virus, says the report prepared for the meeting of the WHO Regional Office for Africa.

WHO report calls for strengthening the Public Health Laboratoriesimproving Africa’s laboratory services – currently by inadequate staffing, equipment and supplies is – crucial for the control of diseases effort as this appropriately appropriately lead to epidemics in faster and better detection of disease, and better patient management.Factors that of future problems Future issues Problems in which forecast Neurologic assessment on elderly adults.

Standard neurological investigations out of older adult be good predictors the future in brain health and life quality. These tests should have become partial the doctor tell routine examination of older adult Department the Indiana University Center for Packaging Research an editorial in the 23th June 2008 issue of to the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Epidemiology of, risk factors and prevention surveillance, including target group diagnosis of, including non-invasive diagnosis, pathologic diagnosis, molecular diagnostics and review disease expansion staging systems, including the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer classifying and molecular classification HCC Surgical, loco-regional treatment of and medical update, including latest developments and methods, assessment tools that the treatment stage migration Clinical trials design evaluation of that response, and the recommendation of modified RECIST criteria and including also identifying large unmet need for promotion HCC research and ultimately at improved patient care, recommend doctors, researchers, public health devote prioritize agencies, pharmaceutical industry and the service future resource to:..

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