Following two examples illustrate the basic structure a common form of humor is the juxtaposition for sale.

Alastair Clarke offers two brief illustrations of the theory in cases of humor: ‘The application of the theory is unique in every case and for every individual, amusing for sale . Following two examples illustrate the basic structure a common form of humor is the juxtaposition. Of two images of the people normally in which we recognize a similarity. What we have here is spatial repetition, a simple two-term pattern that the outline or the features of the first repeated in those of the second. If the pattern is sufficiently convincing , by by the recognition, we find the suggestion amusing. – ‘As a second example, based on a regular basis at first, but in a different medium, stand-up comedy with what we call it is so true form of humor as in the first example, the brain recognizes a pattern with two terms of repetition between the representation and comedian its retained mental image, and if the finding is surprising, it is found to be amusing. The individual may surprise such things that spoken in public to hear, perhaps because they are taboo, or because the individual has never heard of them, before articulated. Their tendency. -difference between the two examples is that in the first pattern is provided between a light image and the next detected and maintained in the second case occurs between the representation and the comedian mental image of the matter by the individual portrayed. Alastair Clarke is a science writer and theorist living in the United Kingdom.

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