Fruit Flies Can Shed Light On High Cholesterol similar preparation.

Fruit Flies Can Shed Light On High Cholesterol, obesity in humansHow fruit flies high cholesterol and obesity? In the same way as humans – by eating a diet that rich in fats rich in fats.More importantly, according to two new studies University of Utah University of Utah human geneticist, using fruit flies the same molecular mechanisms to help than people, saved maintain proper balances of cholesterol and a key form of fat that contributes to obesity similar preparation here . The results mean that researchers try to learn more about the genetic and biological processes the the human cholesterol and fat metabolism, the humble fruit fly, also called Drosophila, can teach people a lot about themselves. – Not these regulatory mechanisms these regulatory mechanisms in humans , Carl S. Thummel, professor of human genetics at the U of U says School of Medicine and lead author on both studies. But we have a lot to learn to by studying metabolic control in fruit flies and apply what we learn people. Cholesterol.igh cholesterol and obesity, which affects an estimated 25 % to 30 % of the U.S. Population , heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, to take huge and add and add billions of dollars to the nation to to medical bills. Could regulate the understanding of the processes, the cholesterol and fat in the human be critical for addressing these health risks in people, Thummel believes.

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