Gail Harrisonburg.

Hundred five cognitively normal subjects from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative were dissolved in this region of the interruption of the Group-CSF levels of amyloid shrank the other participants the other participants post MRI. In addition, this group was also five times more likely to APOE4 APOE4 risk gene and had higher levels of the other culprits Alzheimer’s tau protein.

In a prospective controlled study of sperm from normal donors and four brands of vaginal lubricants often found the fertility patients, researchers found that a brand is not recommended of the of sperm motility or damage to chromatin integrity, lubricant. Do. In the first experiment for motility, donor sperm were incubated for 30 minutes in medium free of lubricant and in medium with 10 percent incubated vaginal lubricant. Sperm motility was measured after incubation and ranged from 66 percent in the lubricant – free control medium to 2 percent in medium containing Astroglide? The best performing lubricant in this experiment was pre-seed? with 64 percent motile sperm after incubation. In the second experiment to chromatin damage caused by the lubricants assess donor sperm in the lubricant in the lubricant-free medium as a positive control, in medium containing 10 percent KY? as a negative control and in medium containing one of the two lubricants, pre-seed? and FemGlide? After four hours of incubation, the sperm is evaluated for damage to their genetic material, and classified according to the DNA fragmentation index.Gail Harrisonburg , a professor in the Department for Community The Health Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health received the award at the annual congress the American Public Health Association held here. In the late 1970 and early 80, its work proved that maternal obesity affect of fetal growth. Into 1983, Dr. Harrison was the lead investigator study in Egypt, doctorate at the University quality on a pregnant woman the food and to develop which health of her baby and of the nutrient composition human milk influence influence.

That Dr. Gail Harrison for outstanding publications on Maternal-Fetal NutritionA nutritionist whose research been instrumental in addition of fruit and vegetable to the federal Women, Infants and Kids foodstuffs subsidization , the March of Dimes Agnes Higgins Award for outstanding achievement obtained in the field of maternal and fetal nourishment.

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