Have a look at these natural ancient grain alternatives to processed wheat For years and years.

As reported by Newsmax Health, a recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that kamut helped lower bad cholesterol, blood sugar and chronic inflammation. Kamut has a decidedly nutty flavor. The grains, which are known as berries, retain their texture when they are cooked, and that makes them ideal to add to stews and soups, salads, pilafs or as a side dish instead of rice. You can also bake with kamut flour. Farro : Generally known as emmer, farro is usually a nutty, chewy textured grain that became a staple meals for the ancient Roman legions. Farro can be higher in protein than dietary fiber and regular wheat and serves as an excellent source of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B3.This is a huge study and statistically powerful, Redei said. This research opens up fresh routes to develop new antidepressants which may be more effective. There hasn’t been an antidepressant predicated on a novel idea in twenty years. Her findings derive from extensive research with a style of severely depressed rats that mirror many behavioral and physiological abnormalities within patients with major depressive disorder.

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