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The Fiscal Times: Obama Makes 11th-Hour Plea For A ‘Big Deal’ Obama utilized a nationally televised press meeting to create this case: There won’t be a better period than right now to hash out differences over the most politically sensitive issues, including reductions in spending for entitlement applications carefully guarded by Democrats and tax raises that are overwhelmingly opposed by Republicans and independents. Defense cuts beyond those already planned and also savings in Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal government health-care programs would be on the bargaining desk . Kaiser Health Information : President Calls For ‘Meaningful Changes’ To Medicare, Medicaid In his news meeting today, President Barack Obama talked about the debt ceiling, the deficit, negotiating with Republicans and paid some attention to entitlements including Social Protection, Medicare and Medicaid.The individual may be the 11th person with Ebola to be treated in the U.S. The NIH has one of the few containment facilities setup to treat Ebola patients nationwide. Previously, an American nurse was treated there after she contracted Ebola while caring for an individual in a Dallas hospital. The nurse, Nina Pham, survived and is Ebola-free. Word of the most recent U.S. Ebola patient came as the global world Health Business marked a grim milestone in the epidemic.

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