I among MSM aged 13-24 12 percent 12 percent a year from 2001 to 2006.

Infected, I among MSM aged 13-24 12 percent 12 percent a year from 2001 to 2006, says CDC reportComments Richard Wolitski acting chief of prevention research in CDC Division of HIV / AIDS prevention that MSM until aged 13 24 represent a new generation, the so far personally personally by AIDS in the same way that their elders were. Ron Simmons, president of helps us, the revolution told in antiretroviral therapy during the past 10 years seems to reduce the of HIV transmission of HIV transmission. I remember going to a funeral every four or five days, Simmons said, adding: Well, if you speak some of these young men, they say, If I do get infected, I ‘m just going to the blue pill or the pink pill, like my friend. ‘ .

For the study, CDC analyzed data from 33 states but are not statistics from states with large minority and MSM populations, including California, Illinois and Georgia (Tuller, New York Times, The study found that 214,379 214,379 HIV diagnoses the study recorded 46 percent among MSM were. Although the rate of new diagnoses increased among MSM, it declined in all other transmission categories, including injection drug use and high-risk heterosexual contact, reports the Reuters news agency. Was Among all MSM, the estimated annual %age change in 1, according to the study (Reuters, sub MSM aged 25 to 44 prevention strategies new cases fell by 1 percent. In addition, among MSM aged 45 and older, the rate increased by 3 percent, the study found.The participants assay in which presented a test where 4 business surroundings were. Kinds possible influence of gender, all the characters were women. Once the situation is brought to, the participants were asked to point out that item – made 4 – available which character has done to their achievements of or failure at work. Rac o Mart nez concluded that to further research the effect the impact from force carried out in other environments, such as in the businesses and organizations where real interaction between management and subordinates were observed .

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