If the team human neuroblastoma cells implanted in other adult laboratory models.

If the team human neuroblastoma cells implanted in other adult laboratory models, they generated metastasis in. Ovaries, adrenal glands, kidneys and liver lost These metastases expression and activity of caspase-8 These findings suggest that the loss of caspase – 8 expression promotes metastases of neuroblastoma, the researchers reported.

– Cells do not normally accept, from its location in the body, so the IMD response has the wayward cells before they can cause problems, says Lahti. We have shown that neuroblastoma metastasis is especially potent in the absence of caspase-8. When the gene the effects of the loss of caspase – 8 and / or integrins neuroblastoma neuroblastoma metastases tested the team the ability of tumor cells from patients away for their ability in laboratory embryo models metastasize If the team expression of caspase-8. Blocked gene neuroblastoma cells neuroblastoma cells in these models , the cancer cells away broke easily from the tumor and spread with higher frequencies to the lung, and bone marrow.. Caspase-8 triggers apoptosis by binding to molecules, the so-called integrins, that from the surface of cells, including neuroblastoma cells.On the results week 52 had a clearly improved response rate under serological active patient, like by an improvement SELENA SLEDAI score balanced by 4 points or greater, without new BILAG A flare defines and nothing more than a a new BILAG B. Flare, and no impairment in Physicians Global Assessment (46 percent LymphoStat – B. Compared with 29 percent for placebo, p.. The key findings from Phase 2 trial date in June 2006 reported HGS that 52-week data from the Phase 2 trial of LymphoStat – W SLE patients.

Shown Separate poster presentation safety profile out of LymphoStat – B to LymphoStat – B been fine used in combination with SLE standard – of-care therapy tolerated at long-term exposure, at an incidence of adverse event , serious adverse events, malignancies, infections and laboratory abnormalities other comparable to placebo or decreasing to 2.5 years treatment .

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