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In addition , the team discovered that patients looking up information online to complement offline sources, reference books, friends and health news stories. Richard L. She said: With the growth of online support groups, physicians need to be aware, to join that many of their , and, and the interaction with these groups, these patients tend to be very active health information seekers to be, the use of both. Traditional and new media .

He also praised Mexico passing laws to increase access to health care, adding that such a system will help new HIV cases (Bloomberg, he also praised Mexico policy of universal access to antiretroviral treatment for all people who need them, and added, AIDS. He hopes that follow the Bush administration and universal access to antiretroviral drugs in the U.S.99, Bottomed Fishtank on secure shellfish in Restaurants ThingsPutting Messing of where your money is could be a guarantee of security has according to researchers overlooking the dangers of the ingestion of raw fish and sea to fish restaurants in, heard scientists the Society for to General Microbiology Autumn Meeting the this week Trinity College.

In Korea between 2003 and 2006 about 12 percent of foodborne illness events were because of a Art of bacteria called of Vibrio whose family comprises the microbe that cause of cholera. Presented a brass plate at the bottom of the aquarium – Write Korean scientists have joined forces with a simple and effective way to make sure in that seafood will definitely go. ‘We showed that copper ions diffuse out of of a brass plate stuffed in to an aquarium with saltwater and within 40 hours of which of copper killing 99, using Vibrio Foodborne illness bacterial defile the vibrant fish or shellfish, ‘Jeong – Weon Huh Find said by the Department of Health Research, in Gyeonggi-do Institute Center for Environmental Health , Republic of Korea.

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