In the summer of bacteria in the air from many sources.

In the summer of bacteria in the air from many sources, including dirt, dust leafsurfaces lakes and oceans lakes and oceans, Bowers said. But in winter, as leaves fall and snow covers the ground, the impact that these environments will have sources as well as downwards. It is in this season that the air appeared communities affected by dog feces tested stronger than the other sources in the experiment, he said. – As best, as we may say, dog feces are the only explanation for these results, Fierer said. But we need more research to do. .

This process, the researchers say that children are born and grow with perfectly matched stem deliveries . These stem cells can it help to treat any disease that can develop it. The cells, which may be frozen for storage would be a perfect genetic match. The child could effectively for a wide range of diseases and conditions that are treated to diabetes, heart disease, and hair loss. Current supply of stem cells would be everywhere in the child’s life are available.In a pilot trial on five Alzheimer’s patients led which team then examined the action the immunoglobulins on the course of the diseases. This has been that to patients. Is an immunoglobulin injections administered intravenously all 4 weeks throughout the six-month study Before the beginning and in the end of therapy the researchers identified the beta-amyloid Blood levels and the cerebrospinal – with the latter the liquid which be at brain and spinal cord. Who On average, the beta – amyloid levels in the liquid fell during the study, over 30 per cent, while the concentration in your blood increase 2, Dodel says.

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