In this randomized study.

Breast milk is thought to contain the iron a baby needs for 4-6 months, Lozoff said. Other important sources of iron for infants are iron-fortified infant formula and cereals, iron drops and meat.. In this randomized study, healthy infants without iron-deficiency anemia given formula with either 12 mg or 2.3 mg of iron 6 and 12 months and followed up to 10 years. The next step is to test the participants again at age 16, said Lozoff, who says that no such study was in the United States or elsewhere performed. – Iron deficiency occurs because babies grow so fast they ‘outgrow’many times the amount of iron born born.

The paper, Poorer developmental disorders result of 10 years with 12 mg / L of iron fortified formula in infancy, was expected presents , 5 May be at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Honolulu. Co – authors of the study are: Marcela Castillo, Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Chile, Santiago, and Julia B. Educational Leadership, Oakland University, Michigan.And they have 16 %age the illness the disease primarily.

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