Initial therapy patients respond to retreatment with VELCADE for injectionAn observational.

Oncology U.S. Oncology claims database. In response to initial therapy, 57 % of patients achieved a PR or better. VELCADE as a single agent as a single agent or in combination, and the patients received a median of four and two VELCADE cycles during the first and second treatment. The median time between the first and second VELCADE treatment was five months. The study was presented by Therese Conner, Outcomes Research, U.S. Oncology, Houston, Texas. The results showed:.. Initial therapy patients respond to retreatment with VELCADE for injectionAn observational, retrospective analysis of treatment with VELCADE in patients with multiple myelomaThe retrospective analysis evaluated the efficacy and safety of VELCADE as post-treatment in 95 MM patients at least two at least two receive VELCADE therapies.

Some of these events have been fatal. A higher proportion of these events in Japan reported. There have been rare reports of RPLS in patients receiving VELCADE. RPLS is a rare, reversible, neurological disorder which can present with seizure, hypertension, headache, lethargy, confusion, blindness, and other visual and neurological disturbances. VELCADE is associated with thrombocytopenia and neutropenia. There have been reports of gastrointestinal and intracerebral hemorrhage associated with VELCADE. Transfusions may be considered. A complete blood count (CBC frequently frequently Rare cases of with VELCADE. Rare cases of acute liver failure in patients with multiple drugs simultaneously and have been reported with serious underlying medical conditions..The primary purpose to the Phase IIa clinical study, the hemodynamic effects out of intravenous infusion of CD-NP for patients with cardiac failure must be assessed. Key assessments involves measurement of of the pulmonary capillary , plasma cGMP, is a secondary messenger of of target receptor, the blood pressure, heart rate, potassium plasma and renal. Nile anticipates of up to 30 patients with cardiac insufficiency be be enrolled in the trial.

We are delighted are this significant milestone Corporate and will be able to begin this phase II trials of CD-NP of patients with failure, said Peter Strumph, CEO the the Nile. We look forward to quick enrollment this period II study and further study of clinical effects of this novel, rationally designed, chimaeric natriuretic peptide. .

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