Is to bring the worlds leading researchers to work in Europe.

Professor Zierath’s research focuses on improving the fitness of people with diabetes, and her research is completed near patients always. She is studying the cellular mechanisms that result in the advancement of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes. Among her achievements has gone to discover the roles that certain genes play in the physiology of the cell and the body. Presentation: Nurturing the very best: An American in Stockholm Time: The 2011 AAAS annual conference in Washington, D.C., february at 10 on 18.00 am.. American researcher awarded European Research Council Advanced Grant One of the goals of the European Research Council, ERC, is to bring the world’s leading researchers to work in Europe.Although they often times together occur, mania and depressive disorder may represent distinctive pathologic pathways underlying bipolar disorder instead of increasingly serious manifestations of a common underlying genetic predisposition, state Kathleen Merikangas and co-workers. Merikangas et al studied 447 mood disorder individuals from the National Institute of Mental Health Family Research of Affective Disorders. Of the probands, 62 got bipolar I disorder, 66 experienced bipolar II disorder, 162 had main depressive disorder , and there have been 157 individuals with non-e of these mental health issues who served as settings.

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