It is a good protector of teeth.

There are only a few communities in Britain that fluoridate drinking water; principally around Birmingham and in eastern England . Another 500,000 or so live in regions where organic fluoridation occurs. Recently, a group called Public Wellness England published a written report which purported to demonstrate that fluoridation not only reduces tooth decay but also offers additional health benefits. In fluoridated regions, for example, the group said 45 % fewer kids aged one – to four-years-old had also been hospitalized.MicroRNAs regulate the expression of our genes, which cluster is large and little is well known about its results except that it is mandated for appropriate placental development. Other than this, more study is definitely needed to clarify the exact mechanism of what these perform and their part in this brain tumour. Please is it possible to outline your research into ETMR/ETANTR? We found these tumours. We obtain samples from pediatric human brain tumours from collaborators across the world as we have an ongoing initiative to characterize the genetic make-up of deadly brain tumours to be able to improve our understanding and recognize alternative therapies.

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