It is reported Receptor Keeps potential as markers for urinary bladder cancerUroToday.

It is reported Receptor Keeps potential as markers for urinary bladder – Cystoscopy remains the gold standard for detection of recurrent urothelial of the bladder. Cytology and other markers may be used to improve the sensitivity and possibly the frequency of cystoscopy.

The presentation was made by Grant and J. Jeff McConnell, Annie Boutelle, Eric Hunt and Teri Liegler, all GIVI coauthor; Rose Tsui of Blood Systems Research Institute and Belinda Herring and Eric Delwart BSRI and the University of California, San Francisco.Hologic,Hologic , a leading developer, manufacturer and suppliers of premium diagnostics, medical imaging systems and surgical products himself to serving the health care needs of women, today announced results which Cervista HPV up hazard – approval study. To Cervista HPV high-risk tests being expected his present from the FDA in the U.S. And is inserted in the European Union in spring 2009. The clinical and analytic performance Cervista HPV high-risk testing on a European at the European Research Organisation at the Genital Infection and neoplasias of HPV meeting in Nice, France on Saturday, November 2008. By early publication of the abstract of the conference organizers, Hologic has brought us to publish this data.

Addition to the results on the Cervista HPV high-risk test, Hologic announced today the findings of the clinical studies to Cervista sixteen eighteenths testing, genotype genotyping test for high risk HPV types 16 and 18 responsible as 70 percent of cervical cancers. To Cervista 16/18 test is and approved by the FDA. Similarly to a high risk screening assay the Cervista 16 eighteenths test results CIN2 and CIN3+ Clinical end have been compared.5 percent for CIN3 and 97.7 percent for CIN2+. Special agreement guidelines to the The American Society for of colposcopy and Cervical Pathology , released in 2007 stated it would be sensible, negatively genotyping in the cytology, HPV-positive women in the same manner used as a high-risk HPV testing used in women with ASC-US.

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