It may be that his BAG2 is not his job properly comentarios.html.

It may be that his BAG2 is not his job properly;. It be that it be that BAG2 is overwhelmed, because sometimes tau is building, and there are not enough BAG2 there, said Kosik. We can not conclude that BAG2 is the fundamental problem in the disease comentarios.html . There is only a possible target that can help us, may our way out of the disease. .

We have done this experiment many ways, said Kosik. We ‘ve discovered a bit about how BAG2 works. We switched it dew. Dew. We have turned it in order to increase dew. We’ve really done a lot of manipulations using cell culture So BAG2 is a new player, a new for study in be a good target for study in the research of Alzheimer ‘s disease. It about a drug or a treatment in any of these findings, but the first step in the fight against a disease to find what you want to target the drug, said Kosik. This is a protein in in neurofibrillary tangles, so we now have a new target for drug discovery. This is not a drug or treatment, just a new destination. The new target is BAG2 Kosik looks forward to the study BAG2 in mice.

A special commission in Massachusetts support the idea of last week. Virtually universal near-universal cap and has often been called ‘model for the conversion of national health,’reports Reuters use. – ‘favorable opinion see on Massachusetts notion legislation that still included in the legislation as a way to contain costs, but also about how long it implement realize such savings relevant Proponents say there will be needless medical processes at. Eliminate that the present system supports by the payment of Doctors & Dentists for each test or care they manage. Of a set doctor would deal with patients below a set – charging scheme will a financial incentive non to carry unnecessary treatments and examinations, the panel wrote. Under the Bay proposed by, health care and insurance was a joint system for evaluating the quality of care and attitude budget.

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