Larger part of the study tested the efficacy of the long-term.

The second, larger part of the study tested the efficacy of the long-term, vessels, of high – flavanol cocoa in comparison with low-molecular flavanol cocoa in 41 patients with stable type 2 diabetes. Patients were randomly assigned drink cocoa with either 321 mg of flavanols per serving or only 25 mg of flavanols per serving three times daily for 30 days. The two types of cocoa tasted and looked the same, despite differences in flavanol content. In addition, neither patients nor investigators were aware of which type of cocoa each patient had been assigned to drink.

Among the patients who consumed low – flavanol cocoa, there in the baseline in baseline FMD response over time or in FMD response after cocoa ingestion on days 8 and 30.Parkinson is the second most frequent neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s disease. Terminally and always deadly effect Parkinson estimated 500,000 American.

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