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on the company’s World Wide Web site:The ESDL is a newly established laboratory funded by EMDA and hosted by the University of Leicester in New Walk, Leicester.The overall goal of the laboratory is to 2004, the in the East Midlands, the support in embedded systems. It will do this by doing business the opportunity to try out new development tools and techniques , and a connection between well – qualified graduates and potential employers EM.. Dr. Ayavoo added, the design of embedded systems is often a very complicated process our members were amazed at how easy RapidiTTy is to use.###More information about TTE Systems Ltd.

TTE Systems Ltd, with support from the Lachesis Fund created, launched its first products in RapidiTTy family. RapidiTTy the family offers a complete, cost-effective, suite of software tools that support rapid development and testing of a wide range of reliable embedded systems. RapidiTTy the tools rely on a sound basis foundation . These were developed in the Embedded Systems Laboratory at the University of Leicester over a period of more than 12 years. Systems the laboratory have an international reputation for its work in this area. To date, seven patent applications related to this new technology brought.Source – Catarina Walsh Global Insight is,acknowledge Recent awards of USA Today, Reuters, and Wall Street Journal what third-party evaluations have shows again over the years: Global Insight has most consistently accurate forecasts.

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