New research shows theyre also much more likely to experience weight gain.

Overall we noticed this increased fat gain, but then whenever we looked even closer we saw these were primarily in ladies who had been having chemotherapy or experienced estrogen adverse disease, Visvanathan told CBS News. There are numerous reasons chemotherapy could possibly be contributing to pounds gain, including hormonal imbalance, inflammation and physical side effects. Visvanathan said that more research is required to follow survivors. We are continuing to follow these women to discover whether that increase in weight because of chemotherapy persists over time or will it improve, she stated..The CDC says there are tens of thousands of people with very similar fatiguing illnesses who usually do not fully meet the strict research description of CFS and the public health epidemic that may no longer be ignored by the medical community. Although no-one therapy works, reducing tension, dietary restrictions, soft stretching and nutritional supplementation have all been shown to greatly help and drugs are occasionally prescribed to help with sleep and discomfort. The CDC advises victims to avoid organic remedies such as for example comfrey, ephedra, kava, germander, chaparral, bitter orange, licorice root, yohimbe and any other products that are dangerous potentially.

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