NormallyCripples immune cellsIn order to fend off pathogens

NormallyCripples immune cellsIn order to fend off pathogens, immune cells have to be flexible and be able to maintain contact with each other produce. Inhibited cell phone mobility by the HIV Nef: The research group of Professor Dr . Oliver Fackler in the Virology Department of the Hygiene Institute of Heidelberg University Hospital has revealed a mechanism in an animal model, such as HIV, the AIDS pathogen, cripples immune cells discovered protein. In the in the prestigious journal Cell Host & Microbe. This discovery may have pointed the way to a new treatment approach.

HIV alters the cellular structure of the system host cellsViruses alter the support structures of the affected cells, so that into into the cells. The cell structure of actin, which also gives muscles their mobility aids in the motility of immune cells. This is necessary to be able for the the contact with each other and control the virus. After each movement the actin must be brought back to its original state, to be available again. HIV attacks immune cells, especially the T-helper type. This support not only direct defense against the enemy , but are also necessary for building sufficient antibodies against the invader. Have to must rely on their mobility.

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