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Advancements in functional FDOCT are anticipated to enhance the early treatment and analysis of eye diseases, most diabetic retinopathy notably, which affects many of the 15 million Americans suffering from diabetes. These functional features include Color Doppler FDOCT for visualizing and quantifying blood flow and Spectroscopic FDOCT for imaged cells and fluids. The licensed technology was created by Joseph Izatt, formerly on the biomedical engineering faculty at Case Western Reserve and now section of the biomedical engineering faculty at Duke University, and Andrew Rollins, Warren E. Rupp associate professor of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve.In a society that has always told smokers to ‘quit or die’, individuals who use e smoking cigarettes have finally discovered some relief and no longer experience ostracized by friends and family. The FDA and ACS pressing for the merchandise to become pulled off the market, however, is definitely fanning a fire that is growing by the entire day, as smokers who’ve switched to e smokes will become all but pressured by the establishment to go back to their old ways. This means spending hundreds of dollars on an addiction that’s touted among the most difficult on the planet to overcome. E-smokers remain a growing population in the United States and worldwide, despite initiatives by generously funded particular interest groups to squash the only legitimate smoking alternative presently on the market..

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