Overweight or obesity is increasingly recognized as a major risk factor for several types of cancer.

Overweight or obesity is increasingly recognized as a major risk factor for several types of cancer. However, this research has been done mainly in the Western populations, and it is unclear whether these results are to other populations. A rapid rise in obesity in many Asian countries by by significant changes in lifestyle of more traditional to western and by people less active and eating fattier diets. Little about the impact of obesity on cancer risk of changes in Asia is known.

In a comment, says Dr Andrew Renehan of the University of Manchester, that these findings have clear implications for health policy. However, he points out, of excess weight. Used to calculate risk is not explicitly declare where to begin in the BMI range to increase the impact of excess weight. He says that we need to test the hypothesis that many Asian populations may an increased risk of cancer have BMIs less than the WHO cutoff for overweight , such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have been found. – He concludes by calling for further research , including standardizing data collection included the ‘effect-modifying factors; broader categorization of BMI data, other anthropometric measures may improve the approximate body composition, and determination of the main allelic polymorphisms identifying genetic differences in the complex interaction between a person, body adiposity, and cancer occurrence..‘ – to the HIV / AIDS treatment model. ‘regarded as an interim step makes sense their funding and expansion, is not only morally but also as a practical matter, the economic and foreign policy,’Garrett to write, adding: ‘[B] BDC only be where a massive commitment to finding investigated both the vaccine and healing to HIV in the years ahead will be maintain. ‘the recent news the HIV / AIDS vaccine trials will be ‘demoralizing ‘, but rather which ‘multi – billions of dollars HIV research company ‘on the improvement of on improving the treatments ‘will be inevitably rise, ‘Garrett writes. ‘ ‘pantheon of completely eliminated from the pantheon of threats to humanity ‘, but that requires a ‘dose of realism ‘inserts Garrett (Garrett, International Herald Tribune..

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