Please help all of us pass this countrys first GMO labeling legislation Proposition 37.

An Urgent Message from Ronnie Cummins If you think you should have the same right to know what’s in your meal as consumers in nearly 50 other countries, please help all of us pass this country’s first GMO labeling legislation – Proposition 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act – by signing this petition today follow this link click here . It might seem, what’s the idea of signing another petition when Monsanto workers are during intercourse with the federal government? When politicians repeatedly reject the pleas of the 90 percent of consumers who demand GMO labeling? When Monsanto and Dow and DuPont and major meals processors like Pepsi and CocaCola have previously put up $25 million to defeat GMO labeling in California? The point is this: Every news tale we develop that draws focus on this David vs.

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Amylin, JDRF collaborate to research mixture therapy for type 1 diabetes treatment The Juvenile Diabetes Research Base and Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that they have entered into a study collaboration agreement to provide financial support for a series of clinical studies to research the feasibility of combining pramlintide, an analog of the human being hormone amylin, with insulin to treat type 1 diabetes. SYMLIN and insulin are not approved to be mixed and should be administered as different injections.

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