PRESS RELEASE PRINCETON, N.J reproductive function . & Light PLAINS, N.Y.—-Bristol-Myers Squibb Business today announced a charitable donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society . The donation will provide financial assistance for chronic myeloid leukemia sufferers who need help paying for Polymerase Chain Response testing, an important tool found in the analysis and monitoring of CML. The donation may also support LLS CML awareness activities centered on educating patients, healthcare and caregivers companies about the need for continuing monitoring with PCR screening. Routine PCR tests is crucial because oncologists rely on the leads to determine their patients’ clinical position of early and ongoing response to CML treatment and to help identify when patients are potentially becoming resistant to treatment, which may allow for earlier intervention, said Louis J.

Gross margin as a share of net sales was 72.7 percent in the quarter in comparison to 73.2 percent in the same period a year ago. Advertising, selling and administrative expenses increased 16 percent to $1.0 billion in the quarter. Advertising and product advertising spending decreased 4 percent to $253 million in the quarter. Research and development expenses increased 12 percent to $923 million in the one fourth. The effective tax price on earnings before income taxes was 27.0 percent in the one fourth, in comparison to 20.4 percent in the next quarter last year.

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