Q: As a 30 year-old woman.

Q: As a 30 – year-old woman, I should be concerned about the use of oral contraceptive pills and is there a risk of heart disease using these pills?

Where oral contraceptives came a bad name, in a sense, were the first generation of oral contraceptives , which were 10 to 20 times higher doses of estrogen and progesterone than the currently available oral contraceptives. Thus, the oral contraceptives that we are much safer.. Next: Why Hormone Replacement Therapy through menopause when I went through menopause and then later told him to stop?Answer: Oral contraceptives are some of the most effective methods of contraception. If you are going to have on the oral contraceptive pill, you presumably try Where prevent pregnancy.Should about cases of flu in hens to be here, Americanuld cause significant reduction of the consumption of chickens that will have a negative impact which U.S. Poultry industry lead, said Blendon. Public Lectures in terms of safety from cooked chicken meat this problem could prevent. .

Moreover, the U.S. Public do not avian flu believe ultimately widespread among wild birds , and people of the United States in the coming 12 months .. To make the numbers in the context of this survey please visitat view the back line, visit wasapprehension about bird fluMore than half the Americans report that you have concerned the potential spread of avian influenza in the U.S. . However, only 15 percent right now at the moment. A higher %age of African – Americans report 75 percent) you are concerned about this as whites . Likewise, a majority of Americans concern that worried that itself or an loved one obtain flu in the following 12 months, only one-fifth person the opportunity this possibility . Six of ten men via Outbreak of avian influenza, which means that an outburst in many countries hit , but only 20 percent are very worried.

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