RhITF oral spray is treatment and prevention of treatment and prevention of oral mucositis.

The results of this phase II study, – that rhITF oral spray formulation is safe and highly effective in the prevention of chemotherapy-induced OM in colorectal cancer patients. Patients also showed high homology in the dosage administration. The researchers concluded that future clinical studies are warranted in order to develop this important new compound for therapeutic use in OM patients.. RhITF oral spray is treatment and prevention of treatment and prevention of oral mucositis . Oral mucositis can be a serious, non-hematologic oral complication of high-dose systemic chemotherapy and radiation-based anti-cancer treatments, and may lead to hospitalization, infection and / or interruptions in the management of cancer therapy.

‘the Orqis Cancion CRS draws ‘on a novel mechanism, said Marvin A. Konstam, Medical Director of Orqis Medical and Chief of Cardiology at Tufts – New England Medical Center in Boston. Aortic flow,g the device unloads and rests the heart, while simultaneously improving the renal function. MOMENTUM Trial was designed to the sustained clinical benefits, show themselves. ‘.Boston Scientific is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices, others risk associated inserted into a broad range of interventional medical specialties. For more information , please visit:.

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