Rwanda in September 2007 announced that the campaign.

since we are still early fully understanding the condition and its relation to the treatment of CCSVI, it is our hope that future prospective double-blind studies are conducted to further evaluate the durability of these results, said Mandato.

And probably confirm the results confirm the findings that human immune cells under attack by under attack by HIV, contain a high proportion of the 273 proteins. Elledge said, ‘We are in the closing direction system-level understanding of HIV, which opens new therapeutic approaches. ‘ – ‘We might be able various different parts of the system the virus replication replication of the virus without our own cells sick,’he said. ‘This is the first genome screen for human proteins required by HIV, and we are confident that it netted real results,’added first author Abraham Brass. ‘Given the method we missed some proteins, but of the majority which we found to be very likely to play a role in HIV replication,’said Brass.In line with the results recommended to World Health Organization and UNAIDS, March 2007, the process as a way to to reduce the spread of the virus with heterosexual sex . By Nyaruhirira health workers will be be trained on the male circumcision to ensure that. Sufficient qualified humans to complete the procedure This program is voluntary , but most likely the army look the curtailment a contract promotion of, BBC News says..

Male circumcision is rarely Rwanda because the country being no practice mainly Christian population of the proceedings, according to BBC News. World Bank figures from 2007, held the country’s HIV / AIDS prevalence is about 3 percent (BBC News.

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